Benefits of Sinlge-Ply Membrane Roofing Systems

Benefits of Sinlge-Ply Membrane Roofing Systems

5 Key Benefits To Installing A Single-Ply Roof On Your Commercial Building

The roof is a critical aspect of any building – residential and commercial. The problem is that the majority of people don’t think about it until there is a leaking issue. It’s imperative to think about your roof before it becomes problematic, even if it’s tedious. Why tedious? If you’ve ever looked at the roofing market, you can see it offers an array of options. How can you know which roofing style is best for your building?


Is there anything like a “one size fits all” roof?


There is, actually. It’s called the single-ply roofing system, which you can think of as being a highly-advanced plastic membrane for your structure. This kind of roofing system has an array of benefits and is worth major consideration if your roof needs replacing. What are some of these benefits?


Acid Rain Resistant


There is significant concern about acid rain in the U.S. This kind of rain is rain mixed with corrosive chemicals that float in the atmosphere. While the rain isn’t particularly dangerous to humans, it can eat away the material on roofs over time. Single-ply membrane roofs will last longer because they are resistant to acid rain.




There is a growing consensus that the environment needs protecting, and you can do your part with a new roof. Traditional roofs are black-tops that generate an “urban heat island effect” or where the heat of the sun is soaked into the roof in a particular area. This leads to heat pollution and is problematic.


However, the key to combating this effect is to use sun-reflective roofing materials – single-ply roofs fit this description. Single-ply roofs can also help you save money by cooling down your building and lowering the stress on your building’s HVAC system.


Immediate Wear and Tear


The moment your new roof is installed, it begins deteriorating. It’s immediately subjected to the harsh environmental elements such as UV rays, rain, wind, snow, ice, dust, etc. The mere fact this happens after you spend a lot of money to replace your roof is disheartening. How can you make sure your roof maintains its integrity after it’s installed?


You need a roofing material that will hold up with the elements are at their worst, taking the beating and ensuring your building won’t. The great thing about single-ply roofs is their natural resistance to impacts. When it gets rough outside, it maintains the integrity it was installed with. Of course, this only happens if the person installing it is a professional and has made sure the job is done correctly.


The right roof and the right professional ensure this type of positive outcome!


Decrease In Downtimes


You’ve heard the saying, “time is money.” The more time you have, the more money you can make. If you’re told your roof needs replacing, you might feel that sense of dread of possibly closing up shop until the job is done. With a single-ply roof, there is no reason for this “pit at the bottom of your stomach” feeling.


Single-ply roofs can be quickly installed, which reduces your downtime and gets you back into business faster. With the right team of experts installing your new roof, the job will go quickly and smoothly, ensuring it’s back to business as usual.


Reduce Your Structure’s Top Weight 


You may not realize how much work your building is carrying out but consider this. It’s standing all day, every day, aging as it does, and constantly dealing with gravity. If your roof is heavy, it adds to the weight it must contend with. Give your building a slight break with the installation of a single-ply roof. You still get several layers of roof membrane but without the extra weight usually seen.


Another benefit to single-ply roofs? They are highly flexible so that you can install it over an existing roof. All roofs are not the same, and a single-ply roof can be placed over your existing roof without any need to cut or mold roofing materials.


Install A Weather-Resistant Roof For Your Peace of Mind  


If there is one thing you can count on, you can count on the weather changing at any given time. It can be hot and sunny one day, rainy and windy the next and a few months down the road, cold, snow and brutal. These changes do enormous damage to a roof. Single-ply roofs use robust adhesives to withstand all weather-related elements, making it the best choice when it comes to protecting your investment.


What Costs Can You Expect With A Single-Ply Roof?


The reality is that you’ll be saving yourself money in the long run with a single-ply roof. The cost is less at the start of the installation, as the materials are cheap, it’s easy to install, and it doesn’t result in much downtime for a business. It’s a lightweight, flexible membrane that can go over existing building features.


Since it doesn’t weigh a lot, you don’t have the cost of heavy-lifting equipment coming in to remove materials.


Single-ply roofs are regarded as an economical choice for re-roofing structures of all types.


Call In A Professional When You Need A Roof Replacement 


If your building’s roof requires replacement, you’re going to reach out to roofing companies that can assist you. If you’re interested in single-ply roofs, be sure the companies you call have experience with the material and offer options such as TPO or PVC (which work in various situations). Both types are highly-respected within the construction industry.


Vet each company before you hire any of them to ensure that their work is high-quality and professional. The key is to lower your downtime and save money, so go only with a professional and licensed company to install your next roof – a single-ply roof. Contact us at SW Commercial Roofing if you have any further question regarding commercial single-ply roofing and get a free estimate from one of our experts.