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Many building owners love metal roofing because of the minimal life-cycle costs and amazing durability. At SW Commercial Roofing, we have been helping happy building owners to install commercial metal roofing since 2008. Thanks to its affordability, admirable durability and flexible designs, more and more small business and commercial building owners are choosing metal roofing as the material for their roofing needs.
Metal roofing is famous in buildings like restaurants, banks, offices, schools, and even warehouses. Metal roofs and metal wall panels have what it takes to offer high-capacity commercial performance while contributing to improving the aesthetics of a building. SW Commercial Roofing has installed metal roofs for a vast variety of buildings in over 15 years. We have the expertise and ability to take up all kinds of metal roofing projects, large or small.
One appeal that metal roofing panels hold is that they offer flexibility in design. They are easier to install than many other roofing materials on the market. This is why many building owners would rather choose metal roofing for their installation process so they can have them appropriately designed and customized to suit their specific needs.

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What are the benefits of metal roofing?

Metal roofing is in no way new to the roofing industry. It has been used for decades due to its plenty of qualities and versatility. Let’s look at the qualities that make metal a great choice of material for commercial buildings:

Benefits of Commercial Metal Roofs

  • Beauty and Aesthetics Metal roofs come in a wide range of designs and colors, and they look attractive on whatever building they’re installed.
  • Ease of Maintenance Metal roofs are resistant to discoloration, mildew, and decay. They are especially long-lasting and have low maintenance compared to other materials.
  • Performance Metal roofing materials maintain great performance across several conditions, including snow, rain, ice, and hail.
  • Environmental friendly You can re-roof your existing building with metal and prevent adding waste to the landfills since metal is recyclable
  • Energy-efficient It is easy to insulate metal roofs with standing seams using foam block and fiberglass to reduce noise, energy costs, and produce an efficient barrier.

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Is your building’s metal roof wearing out and beginning to leak? As great and durable as metal roofs are, they don’t last forever, and so they may need replacement and repair. Our team of roofing experts is available to answer all the questions you have concerning your roof replacement options. Are you finding it hard to decide whether your metal roof needs a repair or replacement? Trust us to assess your metal roof. Please provide your contact information, and we will schedule an evaluation of your roof.

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