New Commercial Roof Construction

New Commercial Roof Constructions

Constructing a new roof is one of the most daunting projects facing a building owner since the new roofing will be constructed on an already-existing structure that is probably under use for daily activities. Such a construction raises concerns about safety and logistics, which must be addressed while planning.

For the safest and less-interfering process, it is best to work with the most qualified roofing experts when handling engineered systems and load-bearing structures. Our experts at SW Commercial Roofing are here to help! We recommend a thorough assessment of your building before constructing a new roof. The process helps you discover the most suitable construction materials and methods.

Our assessment will also show you if there are weak interior reinforcements or structural defects that need correction. All of those defects should be repaired during the new construction. A professional inspection may help you reveal problems and weaknesses you wouldn’t otherwise have known to exist. If you take this step during your construction, you’ll save money, time, and avoid encountering serious issues over time.

New Roof Construction Styles

Throughout the southwest, you’ll find diverse roofing styles that catch your eyes. It shouldn’t be surprising because the area is notable for its architectural history. If you’d like your property to have the style and material that will bring the admiration of the people passing by, there are guidelines to follow. SW Commercial Roofing is a company that specializes in constructing new roofing for all kinds of buildings, including government, industrial, institutional, and commercial buildings across the southwestern region of the conutry. With our wealth of experience and resources, we can handle all roofing jobs. We have a track record of delivering industry-renowned roofing solutions for over 15 years. Here are some roofing styles we specialize in:

Pitched Roofs

If you observe the residential areas across the country, you’ll find out that pitched roofs are the standard roofing styles. The reason is that they are highly visually appealing, and they can perfectly finish any building project if planned and installed properly. Most pitched roofing styles use shingles, but there are other materials available for such a construction.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are commonplace for commercial roofing. They offer better energy efficiency and cost-saving than pitched roofs. They consume fewer materials, take up less space, and leave no voids. As a result, the building won’t need much insulation to regulate its internal temperature. Flat roofs can carry heavy loads, which makes them perfect for industrial and commercial buildings. You can place HVAC systems and other equipment on properly-constructed flat roofing without any issues or damages.

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New Roof Construction Materials

Beyond the roofing materials, there’s another decision you must make when the time is right to construct your roof. That decision you must make is to choose the roofing material. This stage is vital because you’ll need to pay adequate attention to avoid wasting time and money along the line. At this stage, you’ll need to get creative because your choice of material is connected to the choice of color and decoration.

TPO and PVC Roofing

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is a single-ply roofing membrane mostly used for flat or low-slope roofing functions. TPO can be fastened mechanically, ballasted, or fully adhered, meaning that it has several application methods that you don’t find in other roofing materials. TPO and PVC roofing systems are the most sold roofing materials because they have the strongest seams you can find in the industry. This roofing material is best suited for flat roofing because it offers safe installations, and you can recycle it completely without chemical by-products, making it safer and greener than other products.

Metal Roofing

Another great choice of roofing material for industrial and commercial buildings is metal because it is very beautiful and visually appealing when installed right. Metal roofs are better than their asphalt counterparts because they withstand the elements better and come in many colors and styles. Although they are on the expensive end, they have a list of benefits to match their cost. Metal roofs come from recycled materials and are recyclable as well. Although metal roofing wasn’t previously famous amongst homeowners because of their industrial-style appearance, they are becoming popular for homes, thanks to upgrades in selection and fabrication.

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At SW Commercial Roofing, we have years of experience handling all kinds of roofing systems. We also work with the best products in the industry, backed by the best warranty offers from manufacturers. Our tech experts have special training in the areas of installing and repairing all the products we deal in. Roofing can be easy; reach out to SW Commercial Roofing today! Here’s what we provide you with:

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