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Does your roof need some maintenance? Perhaps it is showing signs of wear or weathering, and you are concerned? Or maybe your roof just needs some care and attention. We are commercial roofers in San Diego with two decades of experience working with all kinds of commercial roofing systems, including EPDM, TPO, tile, shingle, Metacrylic, and metal roofs.

Our specialized team at SW Commercial Roofing has experience installing, repairing, and replacing roofs for restaurants, retail buildings, churches, municipal buildings, and offices. Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss your roofing needs and see how we can help with our services.

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We are experienced at installing a wide range of Commercial Roofing Systems

Our roofing team has vast experience in offering exceptional roofing solutions for all kinds of commercial roof systems. Features like cost, durability, aesthetics, and slope all play important roles when choosing a roofing system that fits your need perfectly. Contact our commercial roofing specialists now to find out more.

Tile Roofs and Commercial Shingle Roofs

Shingle and tile roofs are the perfect choice for smaller buildings. Whether you want to install or repair these roofs, we have an expert team that can handle your commercial roofing needs with specialized and excellent materials. Call our team if you need to install a new standard roof or match a specialized roof.

We assure you of the best quality materials and the highest expertise to ensure that your roof is aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

EPDM Commercial Roofing Installation and Repairs

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Roofing has three different application methods, including mechanical attachment, fully-adhered, or ballasted. We are experts at all three methods, so come to us with whatever method you prefer, and we will install or repair your roofing system with ease and expertise.

We suggest EPDM roofing for large offices and buildings, especially in areas fraught with the problems of cold air and sea salt. Whether you want white or black EPDM installations and repairs, we are equal to the task.

TPO Commercial Roofing System Experts

Thermoplastic Olefin roofing systems are one of the most popular commercial roofing materials for many reasons. They are environmentally friendly and have membranes that offer superior protection from weathering and rain. TPO installation needs very little manpower compared to other popular commercial roofing membranes and is on the list of the best flat roofing systems you can find.

Metacrylic Coating Services for Commercial Roofs

Do you have a flat surface or low slope in need of repairs? We can do that with a new product on the market called metacrylic. Metacrylic is an acrylic material mixed with polyester fabric that provides a water-resistant coating. It is also resistant to thermal shock, high winds, extreme temperatures, salt spray, and earthquakes.

These features make it the best coating option considering our climate and unique needs. We favor this versatile product during our commercial roofing installations, and it also works as a ground cover.

Industrial Roofing Installation Services

Our services also cover industrial and light industrial services for factories, warehouses, and storage facilities for vehicles. We know how to work with a variety of materials, ranging from asphalt roofing systems to single ply, sheet metal, and roofing systems that are Energy Star compliant.

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We Offer Commercial Roofing Services across the entire South West

We are much more than the roofing company across the street. We have a team of experts always ready to install, repair, and maintain your commercial roof. Our services cover the entire South West, all the way from San Diego to Las Vegas, and further downwards. Our team can also render services outside this region based on our availability, so reach out to us today for all your inquiries.

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