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SW Commercial Roofing has a long-standing reputation in Tucson as a reliable and trusted commercial roofing company. We have a wide range of experience, including installing new roof systems, applying a waterproofing system to an existing roof, and handling all kinds of complex roof types you find in the industry. Our track record shows our expertise and outstanding workmanship.

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At SW Commercial Roofing, we know that you want to handle your roofing situation fast, without having to spend much time thinking. So, we learned about all the roofing products in the industry and their installation procedures. That way, once we inspect your project, we know the best options available to you, as well as their pros and cons. We handle all the details so you only have to decide based on the information we provide you concerning your needs. At SW Commercial Roofing, our expert staff provides the highest quality commercial roofing maintenance, repair service, and waterproofing for Tucson and its surrounding area.

Our professional roofing experts use the best quality construction and roofing materials, including TPO roofing systems, EPDM rubber roofing, and modified bitumen, to install a high-quality flat roof that will last for many years without issues. We can help to replace, maintain, and waterproof your commercial building. Our commercial roofing team will keep your roof in prime condition and ensure it can withstand all of the seasons.

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Commercial and Industrial Roof Waterproofing Solutions

When a roof faces water damage, a business owner has to spend a lot on repairs, and it can be quite stressful. That’s why you need the commercial waterproofing and roofing experts at SW Commercial Roofing to step in. We will install a membrane system that’s strong, leak-proof, puncture-resistant, and has high-strength. We will ensure that your new roof will be easy to maintain with a long lifespan. Our expertise is at your service whether you need leaking roof repairs, ponding area raise, or a new installation.

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SW Commercial Roofing Options

EPDM Roofing Installation

flat roof with black epdm roofingEPDM rubber roofing continues to be a leading choice for commercial flat roofs because of its waterproof nature, durability, and long-lasting material. Our team will install this trusted waterproof roofing system on your building and ensure that water doesn’t get into your building and mess up the structure. EPDM has heat-absorbing properties that reduce electricity and heating costs during winter. The black rubber absorbs sunlight during the winter while melting the snow to prevent problematic leaks. Our commercial roofing contractors only use the best quality EPDM rubber roofing that’s manufactured with recyclable materials, qualifying your building for Energy Tax Credits. Our expert team will also maintain your EPDM commercial flat roof by carrying out annual maintenance to confirm energy efficiency and your roof’s watertight nature.

TPO Roof Installation

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, our TPO roof systems are leading in that regard. The TPO roofs and installation from SW Commercial Roofing comprise durable, high-quality materials that are resistant to UV and chemical damage. Just like our EPDM roofing materials, TPO roofing membranes are 100% recyclable because they are made with rubber and recycled plastic, which can make your building qualify for Energy Tax Credits. Our team of commercial roofers in Tucson can maintain and repair your existing roof structure or install a new TPO commercial flat roof for your building. We can offer quick leak repair services for your roofs while preventing the buildup of water by raising parts of the roof. We assure you of high-quality installation and repair for all our commercial flat roofing services. We advise you to reduce your energy bills and invest in the environment when you use a new commercial roofing system from SW Commercial Roofing.

PVC Flat Roofing

Commercial PVC Roofing system on flat roofThe two high points of a PVC commercial roofing system are its corrosion resistance and ability to handle extreme temperatures. It has year-round dependability and is one of the most durable roofing systems in the industry. The experts at SW Commercial Roofing are on the ground to provide low maintenance, top-quality, and long-lasting PVC roofing materials and precise installation services. If your commercial rooftop has air conditioning systems or vents, then it is a high-traffic area, and PVC roofing is the best option. PVC has durable seams that resist oil, punctures, and other sources of potential damage. PVC is quite flexible, so it expands during the hotter season and contracts during winter, without damaging the seams. Rest assured of many years of waterproof protection, low maintenance costs, and great durability when you use PVC roofing for your business.

Commercial Metal Roofing Services in Tucson, AZ

grey commercial standing seam metal roofCompanies that aim to reduce cost, maintenance, and improve their roof’s look should opt for metal roofing because it is durable and cost-effective. When you use metal within and around Tucson, you enjoy a lot of benefits, including fire resistance, and improved savings. Metal roofs can keep the heat out in the summer, thanks to their energy efficiency. It can also keep your building warm during the winter. Metal roofing has low maintenance, even lower than asphalt roofs and regular shingles. It has high resistance to hail damage and other mechanical impacts. If you are interested in getting a low-maintenance metal roofing system and installation that will improve your commercial building’s appearance and safety, the rach out to SW Commercial Roofing professionals for a free consultation to determine the best roofing option for your business.

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